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Julia Alexander

Breathing Yoga With Julia

Meet Julia

Certified as Integrative Yoga Therapist in 1997, I have been exploring the art and the science of Yoga for over two decades. I consider being a yoga teacher and contributing to people's lives  a great privilege.  My passion and focus now is less concerned with form, perfection, and presentation, and more with the art of becoming present, allowing of the breath, and deeply sensing our experience, revealing the beauty, power and innate joy of life.


Born in the former Soviet Union and trained as a classical pianist, I emigrated to US in the middle of the Cold War.  For many years, I had lived and worked in San Francisco, Carmel and Las Vegas before moving back to San Francisco Bay Area.

Julia Alexander. Photo: Keren Attas @Personal.Geographic

"I never change, I simply become more myself."

- Joyce Carol Oates" -

"We are all sculptors and painters,

and our material is our own flesh

and blood and bones"

- Henry David Thoreau-

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